Wrapped Up

I volunteered to be the official Bow-Maker for our daughters softball team…before my dad passed. As the first game of the season approached (one day after the funeral,) I realized I hadn’t really started the bows. My solution was to put all my supplies in a basket and carry it with me. I worked on… Continue reading Wrapped Up

Clearing Surfaces

I used to do a lot of work from home. This caused a bit of a problem with homeschooling, home keeping, cooking meals, kids commitments, and church-related events. There were times when there would be so much chaos/clutter that it was hard for me to concentrate so I couldn’t start working until I had a… Continue reading Clearing Surfaces

Flower Friday

Sadly, my dad passed away over the weekend. I am at a loss to communicate – I have so much to say and nothing at all. I’m sure I’ll share more later but for today I wanted to share this: A very sweet friend sent this amazing bouquet. I have had flowers deliver to my… Continue reading Flower Friday